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It’s already known to all of us that the garlic is a small miracle creator when it comes to medicines from nature.

But did you know that garlic is phenomenal in treating fungal infections, especially candida? Before saying no, read why garlic is excellent in treating candida.

Candida is a fungus that lives in a human organism, and the problem arises when it begins to develop. It usually develops in warm and moist places such as the mouth, intestines, bladder and vaginal opening. The development of candida can affect everything, from diabetes, taking the most common antibiotics to poor nutrition.

Many medicines that are given to treat candida have numerous side effects and therefore we recommend that you turn to nature and treat candida with garlic

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Garlic has a very strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, and allyl alcohol contained in garlic literally destroying fungi. Drugs that our doctors prescribe is necessary and a few days to start working until garlic is working almost immediately. In addition to fresh garlic to treat candida, you can take garlic capsules.

Treatment of fungal vaginal infections with garlic

When it comes to treating a vaginal infection with the garlic, it is most important to notice symptoms while the infection is still in the early stage. The first symptom of a vaginal infection is itching, followed by burning, followed by a white grain leak, and when the infection progressed, the vaginal lips become swollen, red and painful.
As soon as you notice the first symptoms of candida, treat it with a garlic.
The treatment that we recommend you may be frustrating, but believe us it is effective.

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Namely, it is about taking a clove of garlic and clean it from the peel and place it in a vaginal opening before going to bed. To extract the garlic in the morning easier, through one end in the garlic thread the thread with a needle and let the end of the end hang (as with the tampon).

This treatment is best done at night because your taste of the garlic will be felt in your mouth which is very unpleasant to some women during the day. If you notice symptoms in time, only one treatment will be sufficient for you to completely heal the candida.

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