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How to use your child's dry powder inhaler

How to use your child's dry powder inhaler::

Are there different types of dry powder inhalers? — Yes. There are 2 main types of dry powder inhalers (figure 1):

  • Single-dose inhalers
  • Multiple-dose inhalers

The directions for the 2 types of inhalers are slightly different.

How do I use my child’s dry powder inhaler? — Each dry powder inhaler has its own directions. Your doctor or nurse will show you how to use your child’s inhaler.

In general, these are the steps for using a dry powder inhaler:

  • Open the inhaler or take off the cover
  • Load a dose of medicine:
  • For single-dose inhalers, you load a dose by taking a pill out of its packaging and putting the pill into the inhaler. Then you need to push 1 or more buttons on the inhaler to poke holes in the pill.
  • For multiple-dose inhalers, you load a dose by sliding a lever or twisting the bottom (or another part) of the inhaler.
  • Hold the inhaler in the correct position — Some inhalers need to be held upright, but others need to be horizontal. Multiple-dose inhalers usually need to be horizontal.
  • Have your child breathe out normally—but not into the inhaler
  • Have your child put his or her mouth on the mouthpiece
  • Have your child breathe in quickly and steadily, as deeply as possible
  • Have your child remove his or her mouth from the mouthpiece and hold his or her breath for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Have your child let his or her breath out—but not into the inhaler
  • For single-dose inhalers, you need to open the inhaler, take out the used pill, and throw it away
  • If your child is supposed to take 2 puffs of the inhaler, load another dose and have him or her repeat the steps above
  • Close the inhaler or replace the cover or cap
  • Have your child rinse out his or her mouth, and spit out the water
  • Store the inhaler in a cool, dry place

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