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things you need to know before going gluten-free

1. Everything you need to know about gluten-free

Gluten-free diet is the latest health fad and many people are swearing by its wonderful impact on their health! Who are these people? Serious health freaks or those who love to explore trendy diets, those suffering from gluten intolerance or the ones who are looking for weight-loss solutions? Gluten is a major cause of celiac disease which is a serious autoimmune condition, which generally occurs in genetically predisposed people. In celiac disease, the cells of the intestines get attacked leading to its destruction. And this happens because of gluten intolerance. Thinking about going on a gluten-free diet? Well, before you go deeper into it, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself-Do you really need it? If confused, rush to the doctor and get yourself checked and you will get the answer. We pray you don’t need it, but in case you do, you really need to know certain things before you cage yourself in the restrictive lifestyle. Restrictive lifestyle here means the dos and don’ts of following a gluten-free diet. To be honest, the diet is a blend of happy and annoying experiences that are frustrating but liberating in the long run. All we want to say is, don’t get carried away just because your friends or colleagues are doing it. First, need the understand its meaning and reasons that have propelled you into exploring it, and follow it only if it is recommended by your doctor. Because it actually requires full commitment and yes, there is nothing called ‘cheat days’ when you are on a gluten-free diet. That’s the reason we have got the list of things you really need to know before going on a gluten-free wagon. Read, relate, analyse and then decide.

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2. It is necessary to get tested for celiac disease

Before you start doing it for the sake of following #foodtrends , please get yourself tested for celiac disease. This will give you the clear picture, that whether you need it or not.

3. The downsides to gluten-free food

Gluten-free foods tend to be very high glycemic (causing blood sugar spikes) due to the use of rice, tapioca, potato, corn flours and starches and some of them are super expensive too. Are you ready to handle both?

4. Books and websites aren’t always correct

Though paleo diet is gluten-free, its focus is not on carefully avoiding gluten. This is just an example to tell you that online content and books might misguide you. So read, recheck and then follow.

5. Identify your gluten weaknesses

It’s a normal human tendency to get attracted to what is asked not to relate with. The same goes for gluten-free food habit. So, before you fall for it, identify your weaknesses and keep yourself away from everything relatable.

6. No ‘stomach problem’ doesn’t mean you aren’t sensitive to gluten

Stomach issues are not just related to indigestion and acidity. The list is vast and you need to analyse it minutely in consultation with a doctor. You must know that gluten sensitivity largely affects the brain too. It can also affect your mouth, skin, and thyroid.

7. Gluten pills aren’t a license to cheat

If you think going fancy with pills can help cure the body of the severe problems, then you are going in the wrong direction. Also, FDA has not evaluated any of these pills till date, so there is no surety too. If you really want, take them at your own risk.

8. Ingredients do lie

According to an official FDA rule, there are measures that make a food ‘gluten-free’. But, in the competitive market there are players who are fooling you around by falsely claiming 'gluten-free' status for foods that are far from it!

9. Gluten hides everywhere

Going gluten-free can change your life, only if followed correctly. And the best way to do that is to ask about it everywhere you go to eat or buy food products. Also, sit for an hour and clean your kitchen and remove everything that has gluten. Here, cheat days are not meant to be welcome at all.

10. First 2-3 years are painful

Yes, it’s true. All thanks to our food habits that are dominated by gluten content. Once addicted, the body becomes comfortable and you can see the positive changes.

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