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Medical Advancements in 2015 All Over the World

Tireless work by researchers in medical science have yielded interesting revelations in 2015 for the patients all over the world.

1. In 2015, vaccines and medicine for Dengue has opened a new vista which will lessen the chance of outbreak of the disease. Newly-invented needle-less injection machine can extract blood by utilizing airlessness, without causing any pain.

2. US scientists have invented medicine to reduce mental depression (a health issue that's becoming more common) which has already obtained government approval and is available online.

3. A new medicine to keep the embryo fit and stable has been invented. The impaired embryo is taken out, corrected and then reimplanted in mother's womb in the process. Takaki Kajita of Japan and Arther Mcdonald of Canada have jointly received Nobel Prize in Physics this year for determining the size of Nutrino particle.

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4. That there is no existence of life on Mars has been confirmed by ESA, JEXA, and ISRO. US Satellites 'Curiosity' and 'Opportunity' sent several pictures on its nature and environment but failed to arouse interest among scientists whatsoever.

5. WHO researchers have confirmed that processed meat increases the risk of cancer. Preservatives used in packaged foods like Omadin, Hydrooxitoluen, Butilated Hydroanisole are causing the grave danger on human health.

6. A pacemaker that operates without a battery is now a reality, as invented by Prof Amin Karami of Buffalo University, US. The power to operate the pacemaker is supplied by the mechanical power of human heartbeat.

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7. Dr. Nargis Memariza, a biotech researcher of Iran, has invented pesticide using nano technology, which breaks in sun rays. This pesticide will cause no harm to the environment.

8. 'Nomofab,' as invented by Kuglar Ilbrim of Loyola University in Chicago, is a mental disease which causes helplessness in absence of the mobile phone.

9. Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes (BGR34) at throw-away price has brought treatment of the disease within the reach of the common people.

10. Scientists of the National Institute for Health & Welfare, Finland and Melbourne University have invented a process by which a simple blood examination will identify any inherent disease in human body, and how much one is safer in the coming 14 years or life expectancy of a human being.


11. Scientists of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have researched the ill-effects of antibiotics and have published their result in International Journal of Obesity Science. which reveals that those children who take antibiotic medicine regularly are more susceptible to obesity, from which they will suffer at a later age.

So, the advancement of medical science will pave the way for further human progress in the coming days.

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